Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Small Goldenrod Plume - New to Ireland

..........and more importantly new to Murlough NNR. Tentatively identified as Hemp Agrimony Plume Adaina microdactyla but now confirmed as Small Goldenrod Plume Hellinsia osteodactylus. Looks like I won our wager Derk and now you'll have to shave off that silly handlebar moustache and stop listening to Vietnamese country and western.


Monday, 18 August 2014

Burren Green Irish Annulet

Well, here we go again - Derk is a silly old duffer with a handlebar moustache who wouldn't know a Burren Green even if it was flashed into his brain for 30 years Anthony Burgess-style. See below for a green moth....

Anyway, that was really easy - it only took me four attempts to see it so that's pretty good for me. Taking a trip down to Rip-off Ireland certainly hits the pocket - I got a steak that cost me 17 yoyos and it tasted like a pizza (how do you actually do that?!). The wife was able to tuck into half a dozen microwaved crab toes for 15 yoyos - run of the mill stuff for good old Rip Off Ireland so I'm going to move somewhere it's cheaper, like Finland. Anyway I got my Burren Baptism and smashed myself all over the limestone pavement

Which was a bit of a pain in the arse, elbow, ribs, forearm, knee and shin. Thankfully I ran into a load of hippies at Coolorta who gave me a magic bean to eat, after what seemed like decades I looked down and my knee had completely healed man, so I went off and ate 50 bags of wotsits.

Irish Annulets aren't too bad either - it was often assumed that this species was restricted to areas like the Burren in Co. Clare but I nicked half a dozen and released them at Murlough. They're on the list now.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Look what ive found in the garden!

I found this at lunchtime, does anyone know what its called?

NIBirding Friday 15th August

 Andrew is away to look for a Green Moth, i am not sure what exactly to say but if he thinks its better than this boyo he has lost the plot. Dont forget to get yourself to Ramore Head on Sunday, it will be a bit windy!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Golden Oldies

All of these are from the other week, so quite boring now according to twatter. Interesting news is that knobirds are still rubbish - have you looked at their website recently? I haven't. As for poor Derk he fell down a bog hole in Co. Offaly today and had to call in the Irish Coastguard to airlift him out but they napalmed him by mistake

blood vein - rubbish, see it before. 3rd NI record

shuttle-shaped dart - 6th irish record. could have done better

mullein wave - nice, 2nd NI record since 1999 but not a first for northern ireland

All new for the Murlough list - that's what really counts. I award myself a curry and a couple of ales. Hurrah.

Here's another golden oldie........

radio nibirding

Derk, derk, derk - you couldn't resist it. I'm implamted the thought of Pteradroma in your head and you took it hook line and sinker. Pretty pathetic really.......as I would tell you!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

radio nibirding

I was rather unkind to Derk - in Co. Offaly he's awful close to Stilgiven Head. God knows he might turn up a Fea's Petrel or something, sometimes god pities the meek, just like Sister Ray said......

Monday, 11 August 2014

radio nibirding

A lot of people have asked me what has become of this blog?

Well ladies and germs Derk has had to move away to Co. Offaly, which means he's got as much chance of seeing birds as a moypark chicken making it over the iron curtain.

Poor Derk - this one's for you and all the times I watched you quiver in a dribbling, foaming mess clutching a tin of zippo fuel.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sexy Bird Pic

Hasn't been too many bird pics on this blog recently so here's a treat - a Buff Brahma Bantam. Ooaaaah!

I got this from mypetchicken.com, my favourite website

Old Bat......

........or Old Lady. Another new moth for Murlough. It was as big as a football pitch and clamped itself to my throat. It took about ten minutes to beat it into submission by which stage I was knackered and had to lock myself in the car. It chewed off my windscreen wipers and slashed all my tyres. Thankfully the PSNI weren't too long in turning up and tasered it but not before seven police officers were injured. It's currently sealed within a lead container positioned above a subduction zone. Good riddance.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Yellow Pterodactyl!!

Hmm, possible Adaina microdactyla at Murlough NNR. New for the site so I'll celebrate with a hogshead of cider, a tin of duck gizzards and Teenage Fanclub.

Monday, 28 July 2014

radio nibirding

one of  the greatest bands of all all time. no doubt there you philistines!!!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Purple Nurple!!!

Pyrausta purpuralis at Murlough NNR this morning. That makes it lots and lots of species of moth recorded at this site

I see Derk was on Countdown last night and made a total cock of it. He came so close to winning but ballsed it up completely on the last round - here's his last nine letters

S  E  A  G  U  L  L  S  S

and do you know what the best he could come up with was?


Friday, 25 July 2014



You can't get enough of moths

............you know you like it. Another new moth for the Murlough list. Cydia splendana

I'm keeping this one in a treadmill to power my bedside light.

Did anybody see Derk on Come Dine With Me the other night? - what a disaster.

  • Starter - BBQ EGG
  • Main Course - Bird's Eye Potato waffles, Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausage and beef gravy
  • Dessert - Vick's Vaporub and a coconut

For entertainment Derk will be pouring lighter fluid over his head whilst reciting from the 2008 Knobirds report.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014



Well, tough.

Here's a small blood-vein. old hat this really but it's a moth and not a bird. I don't think there'll ever be another bird pic on this blog. Birds are for twonks and flippity-flloppers.

Even dreek Derk has given up on birds - he's much more interested in agrarian agitation in Bulgaria during 1913-1915 and furthering his country and western career. Sales have been slow but then who wants to hear laments of the Second Balkan War played on a Bontempi organ? I'm not even sure you could call it country and western, more like Bros meets Chesney Hawkes except in checked shirts and rhinestones. Derk's constantly banging on about how he got to see Chesney in the Downs Rd. car park in Newcastle in 1991. Still, they like it in Estonia where Derk reached No. 134 in the charts.

Here's Slowcoaches, definitely not country and western

Please note: Derk's articles articles on the Burren are obviously false - that's not a Stilton, it's a Camembert but don't worry I've reported him to the Cheese Police. Incidently, I didn't eat that cheese until Monday past - out of the fridge for a week, haven't been off the bog since but it was worth it!