Wednesday, 23 April 2014

radio nibirding

Duck update

The male Garganey and female Blue Winged TealxShovelor hybrid eere both seen this evening at Reedy Flat, James O, Neill.

Easter Wednesday

A female Blue Winged Teal x Shovelor hybrid first seen yesterday evening was again present at Reedy Flat, Lough Neagh this morning

An adult Grey Bellied Brent was at Dundrum Inner Bay South, David Nikon

Thanks to James O'Neill for the Yellow Wagtail photo

Thanks to Ian Dickey for the next 3 photos and to Christine Cassidy for the Chough photos

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

radio nibirding

Tuesday Easter

Not much news but an interesting duck was seen in L, Neagh this evening, more details tommorrow!

We use this oppurtunity to post a load of Thayers Gulls photos that haven't hit the Net before! 

Monday, 21 April 2014

radio nibirding

Return of the Moths

By popular demand (all one of me) it's moths! Ah, moths. Where would we be without them? Dead, that's where we'd be. As dead as the possibility of Knobirds producing another Northern Ireland bird report. Amongst their other useful functions moths are responsible for the production of oxygen, the discovery of onions and acid house music and have nothing whatsoever to do with Cliff Richard, almonds and shower gel. All these moths can be found if you try.

Little Brown Job - or alternatively it's a Clouded Drab. If you ever need to use the term 'Little Brown Job' in real life then you should just leave us all alone and relapse on your Eastenders addiction. 

It's a herring gull derek - it has long wings and a head. Correct? You'd be wrong there Derek - it's a Pale Pinion.

Another Herring Gull Derek - aha! Fooled you again - it's a Rhigognostis incarnatella. It has an english name - Herring Gull. Flip me, Derek - you fell for it thrice.

 An obvious Kumlien's Gull - ever thought of doing one of those Rorschach tests Derek? It's Agonopterix you fool, its Agonopterix ocellana

A March Moth that occurred in March. Much more interesting than you Derek - when polled most people said you were a type of cardboard.

Now that I've got that all out of my system you won't hear from me again until I have some more mediocre moth photographs.

Easter Monday

A male Garganey was at Reedy Flat, 38 White Wagtail were at Ardmore and the Yellow Wagtail was again at Oxford Island. 

Some Lesser Yellowlegs photos from Wexford

Sunday, 20 April 2014

radio nibirding

Sunday 20th April

A male Yellow Wagtail is currently on the roof of the Discovery Centre at Oxford Island, Ed Ohara

Thanks to Ian Dickey for today's wader photos

Saturday, 19 April 2014

radio nibirding

Saturday 19th April

Amazingly there are now 3 Glossy Ibis at Oxford Island. Ed O, Hara

Thanks to Ian Dickey for these Siberian Chiffchaff photos

Friday, 18 April 2014

radio nibirding

Good Friday

The male GREEN WINGED TEAL is still at the Qouile Pondage (Andrew Crory)
Andrew is trying to be friends with me again after telling me he isnt going to help with the 2012 Report, it wont work. A GWTeal isnt a Moth is it?
Thanks to Christine Cassidy for todays great selection

Thursday, 17 April 2014

radio nibirding

Thursday NIbirding

What are Nobirds up to, Habitat Destruction warriors now, the fires yes fair enough to highlight and perhaps as an organisation and individuals they will start protest groups, lobby MPs etc but I doubt it, The absolute noncense they wrote about Kinneger Pool is pure tripe before writing that crap contact the authority concerned, find out the reason, Yet another attempt to educate us fails, well done guys

Thanks to Gavin Ferguson for the Red Throated Diver photo and to Stephen Maxwell or is it Peter Gabriel for the rest of the photos

Per Ove Roppen Haddal's back yard in Oslo