Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hollly Blue, Yellow Legged Gull

 Lots of disturbing things going on at the moment. In Richill Andrew Poots has run out of seed for his Tree Sparrow feeding station and is starting to feed the Sparrows, Holly Blue Butterflys! Andrew kindly sent us this photo seconds before 19 Tree Sparrows converged on it! Even more disturbing is that Ian Dickey has taken up with aYellow Legged Gull and is doing a Cafe Tour of Belfast. All the gull wwill eat is Puffin eggs and caaviar (see picture below). It is costing Ian a fortune and Mrs Dickey isnt too happy either, Ian has been told its the gull or me!! I suspect Mrs Dickey will be homeless shortly.
But what about the Four Non Blondes on the other channel, all they can do is scream at the top of their voices "Whats going on!" Larrry, Barry, Garry and Harry have no idea, especially know it all big drawers Larry. Anyway Ian wants to know can you lend him some of the missing money as Puffin eggs are not cheap

Monday, 15 September 2014

Dont mention the War!

 Andrew has been on and given me strict instructions not to mention Nobirds ever again, he thinks they are great again after they offered him free life membership which includes a free annual report and a cut of the profits, did i say profits i meant membership money and he also has a direct free line to flapline. They have told him he can post one moth photo a year but if he has any dunnuck photos or out of focus raptor shots he can post as many of them as possible! Here are some 1st winter Yellow Legged Gull photos, Andrew hates gulls. I have taaken his name of the 2013 report.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Clouded Yellow

A Clouded Yellow Butterfly was at Myroe today.An adult Yellow Legged Gull was at the Roe Estuary

Friday, 12 September 2014

Ward Park Black Duck

 Whatever happened to the Ward Park Black Duck? Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky!! What happened all the money? Better not mention the money or i will start getting nasty emails again. But we can talk about the Ward Park Black Duck because it was real!! Or was it real? No one knows but we continue to wait with baited breath on the 2009 Nobirds report, maybe it will tell us in there? Another thing that is real is Nobirds membership money, £10 a year! No report for 5 years, where is all that membership money? Sorry not allowed to mention the money, Nobirds Mafia will leave a horses head in my bed (again) Ward Park Black Duck sorry i got off the subject again, no photos, freshwater lake, Bangor, its not looking good but i am sure it was a real one. Nobirds owe me 2 bird reports or else two years membership money? Money dont ask where the money has gone, i did but i think i got away with it. John Cleese classic, Fawlty Nobirds! Black Duck yes, one of the classics, Green Woodpecker i could go on and on, they loooovvveee Great White Eejits, cant report enough of them. 10p to ring Flapline? Come on who actually rings it? Where has all the money gone from this, a lot of 10ps over years! Sorry again i think the word money slipped out!! I refound the Black Duck, pictures here you should have been able to get a picture of the Black Duck at Ward Park, its a tiny place, i am sure the Black Duck there was real unlike this one!! Although looking good it flapped its wing ala Flapline Style, which is a bit like Gangham Style only it costs you £10 a time to join in. Sorry mentioned money again, i dont know why i do it!! Anyway the Black Duck was a hybrid check that wing pattern, Mrs Mallard has been a naughty duck or maybe it was Mr Mallard. I want my money back, money....

Bird news, well not really the Nobirds Great White Eejit was looked for yesterday but wasnt seen. No comment

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Murlough on Saturday

 I decided to go to Murlough on Saturday and find me a new moth for Ireland as apparently any old dozzer can find one down there. I think all of the photos are probably firsts for Ireland or at least firsts for Murlough. Trying finding a new bird for Ireland Andrew!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Some Brwon Birds

 We are really apologise that we haave no dunnuck or blackbird photos if these tickle your fancy tune into the Nobirds disaster on the other chanel, we have some real birds. And what is realer than a juv Med Gull, sedge wobbler or as they say in Cork and Aquatic Wobbler and a Bonxie. Dynamic or what

Monday, 8 September 2014

Pectoral Sandpiper photos

 Need to get the show back on the road, for those who dont know what a Pectoral Sandpiper looks like and you know who you are here is a juvenile from the weekend.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday

 We wwent to see a Laughing Gull on our Bank Holidays, it was very nice, didnt like Veda but even better we didnt see a Moth of any kind. That is like the best holiday ever

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Small Goldenrod Plume - New to Ireland

..........and more importantly new to Murlough NNR. Tentatively identified as Hemp Agrimony Plume Adaina microdactyla but now confirmed as Small Goldenrod Plume Hellinsia osteodactylus. Looks like I won our wager Derk and now you'll have to shave off that silly handlebar moustache and stop listening to Vietnamese country and western.