Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Friday Favourite

Its nearly the weekend and we can't wait to get out hunting for some birds, butterfly's and plants! Well i can't anyway!! No word from Andrew this morning i hope he hasn't had too many Tawny Owls last night!

So here is a classic rarity a male Blue Winged Teal. This bird spent a few days at Castle Espie NNR one May a few years ago. It disappeared a few minutes after this attack by a male Shovelor which is known affectionately as "Killer" by the staff at Castle Espie. Whether the Blue Winged Teal flew off or was eaten by Killer we will never know as we were too busy eating scones at the time. They were lovely.
We are going to close the competition on Monday so you have the weekend to dream up some more answers. We have had 386 guess's so far which has exceeded our expectation's a little.