Monday, 30 August 2010

Juvenile Whiskered Tern at the Qouile!

Wait wait!! Don't jump in the car just yet, its not true, yet!! But it was true in April 2009 when Northern Irelands first Whiskered Tern an adult was seen for just the one day ay the Qouile Pondage.

So why the title? Simple now is the time of year when a juvenile Whiskered Tern could turn up here and these pictures taken by Tristan Reid of one recently in England might just help someone if they come across one (thats if they don't feint from the shock!)

So if you do find a juvenile Marsh Tern in the next 2 months don't write it off as a Black Tern look at it closely and you might just be ringing up friends and saying "juvenile Whiskered Tern at the Qouile, ring me an ambulance!"

Note the gingery tone on back. On Black Tern this is black/grey aand on White Winged Black it is black

Indistinct carpal bar and brodaer wings compared to the other likely Marsh Terns to occur.

Stronger bill than both White Winged and Black Terns

All pictures by Tristan Reid (thanks as always Tristan)