Friday, 8 October 2010

Jimmy says 'Thanks Guys'

Well whattya know Jimmy Bird has done it again and rubbed our noses in it - he's got over 650 friends on Facebook!! we know some people who don't have very many at all so Jimmy is really happy, he sends his love to all similar sounding websites

Nearly there! First to bring you world exclusives like the upcoming Denmark trip report!

You can also find Jimmy and Arnold doing some serious stuff in Birdwatch magazine, Birding World, on the Belfast Telegraph website, in local newspapers, listen out for an upcoming plug on national (Northern Ireland that is) radio (we're not lying!), a possible plug on an upcoming television series is on the cards too, we provide you with daily bird news, weekly and monthly updates and something special coming your way just after Christmas. All for not even a tenner - in fact, all for a big fat zero (no matter what currency you're using). We won't even ask the price of a local rate phone call.

At this point we have to step in and stop Jimmy and Arnold's rant:

We don't take any credit for this website at all - if it weren't for the help of all our contributors we would be sunk. So it's a very big thankyou, you make the site what it is. You put up with all the rubbish we fire at you and still come back for more - we can't ask for anything more than that. All sightings are property of the observers first and foremost

A final word from Jimmy 'keep checking that habitat, guys - if it looks good, it's probably worth getting out the car'.  Arnold's convinced Jimmy is mad, we agree.