Tuesday, 30 November 2010

ANOTHER letter from Dave and Orcilla

Photograph courtesy of Orcilla Hadrick. She tells us its an adult Kumliens Gull but she could be telling us anything as NO-ONE actually knows what a Kumliens Gull looks like or comes from. We thanks her never the less, she really does educate us.
Yet another email from Dave and Orcilla. We think Orcilla is putting too much sugar in his tea. All the same we thank them both for their incoherant ramble!

We take this text from Gullibles Travels. (also made in to a film "The Gullibles")

A warning to all who listen to the fantasy ramblings of the CHARLES.

We have had that dream.

We have been to the hills and mountains.

We have been to the valleys and land fills.

We hear the cry of the GULLibles.

What did you see? They cry.

Guano and Botulism

D and O