Monday, 1 November 2010

Bird News Monday 1st November

In Co. Down 9 Gadwall were at Kiltonga Reserve, Newtownards (Ronald Surgenor)

Also in Co.Down at the Floodgates Newtownards the Black Brant was still present. 9 Little Egret were in the channel.
Two lay byes up the Portaferry road from the Floodgates the "Grey Bellied Brent" was seen again along with a Dark Bellied Brent. Three other interesting geese were also in the flock but were too distant on this occasion to even attempt an id. As usual 300 odd Pintail in the area.

300+ Lapwing were on the runway at the Airport in Newtownards. The Comber Estuary continues to hold good numbers of Wigeon.

In Co.Antrim Dargan Bay held 180 Scaup. At Whitehouse Lagoon 120 Dunlin were roosting. Off Macedon Point a first winter male Long Tailed Duck was with a flock of Mergansers with a Red Throated Diver nearby. Off Greyabbey anothe 3 Red Throated Divers were sen.
2500 Eider were from off-shore

At the Loughshore in Antrim a North Eastern Jackdaw has returned for another winter.

Here's a pic of one of the aforementioned quacks by Ronald - don't forget to have a look at his Flickr site here:

Not too much about today so we'll treat you to another pic (for free!) - here's another one by Nigel Snell.

It's really dark outside already so we would like to throw our hat in the ring and agree with those who would abolish BST, GMT and all that changing the clocks nonsense - we would like to bring about 24 hours daylight for the whole of the world, this would increase the amount of birds seen in Northern Ireland and re-establish it's position as one of the premier places to see birds in the world (applying only if you aren't picky on what type of birds you'd like to see)

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