Monday, 22 November 2010


Ian Dickey

We recieved this very strange email from someone who obviously has lost their mind!

We of the Campaign to Ignore Doting Egotist's Really Boring Old Seagulls Stories (CIDERBOSS) take umbrage at the diatribe from the small lunatic fringe of CHARLES. We think he meant Laridae but you can never be sure. It's good you have some decent photographers to get gull pics for him. As for the drink,we know two sniffs of the barmaid's apron and he is anybody's.We know who is responsible and where he lives, so watch yer back gullboy!
Anyway you got the bird, coots are fantastic and much better than Gulls.! We would like to congratulate Jemima (mrs boring) on the fantastic job done over the weekend. Some cracking pics and not a gull in sight, obviously a woman of taste.Jimmy Bird must of gone into hiding as we know he is behind the lunies at CHARLES. You can let him know that he won't be welcome at any more of the gull guru's expert classes, mainly because he's rubbish (her words).

D and O (oops)