Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gull Attack Alert Defcon 4

A Mystery Caller left a message on my answerphone last night, luckily I had a pen and was able to transcribe it, I have a feeling I know this guy but I can't quite place the face

"This is a representative of the Continuity Herring And Ross's Larid Eulogising Society. You tell that bloke Dave to shut up and stay out of larid business, just because his wife is an expert on gulls doesn't mean he can shoot his mouth off. If you don't put some gull pics on today at 06.30 CHARLES will expose the true identity of Ruddy Duck and buy up all the bread supplies east of the River Bann, there'll be no more croissants for breakfast Dave. no bagels for lunch. Who has bread for dinner anyway? There'll be no way out

PS I could drink him under the table any day"

Thankfully I had these gull pics from Nigel Snell........ hand or else Belfast will erupt into violence. Don't believe me? No soda bread, wheaten bread, potato bread or veda?? (all indigenous species of Ulster bread)? The place will go mental. (Thanks Nigel!!)