Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Northern Ireland Birders on Cape searching for drift migrants

Here is a pic of three of Northern Irelands worst birders on a recent autumn visit to Cape Clear. They are in action trying to find an RRB which was reported by Cork Birders. Ian who is on the left got his hand trapped on his tripod and had to walk around like this for 2 days before a doctor could get onto the island. Wilton and Derek are making full use of Capes outside toilet facilitys as they wait on the RRB to show. It never did.

But here is what the intrepid birders are after when they visit Cape Clear. European Drift Migrants which often occur on the island after North Easterly winds. Small falls occur and the best place to try and find them are the harbour area and Cotters as the exhausted migrants often hitch a lift on boats to the island. Birders often search to see if they have rings on them so they can try and find out where they come from! These three lovely raritys pictured below also avoided detection by the Northern Birders!
Special thanks to Victor Cashera for the pic of the Northern Birders in action!

ps RRB stands for Robin Red Breast