Friday, 24 December 2010

Bad weather, no gulls. No CHARLES?

The Charles has gone into hiding with nothing but the Russian Imperial Eagle to keep him warm.
He says he is bird watching, in the sun, in North Africa. He sends imaginary lists of birds he has seen.

Strange.....not one picture. We know this is not in the nature of the Charles.
No doubt when he thaws out and comes out of hiding pictures will appear of the imaginary birds, easy to find on the net. We know how you work, Charles, and we are watching you!


Anyway, we have decided to take drastic measures and unless every gull photograph is removed from this website by 31st of December at 11.59 we will eat these birds we hold captive in our Lisburn garden. These birds were not, I repeat, not illegaly smuggled into the country from a recent trip to The Gambia. Down with the gullocracy long live anarcho-syndicalist-cider-producing communities!

 Marabou Stork

 Purple Glossy Starling

Red-billed Firefinch

PS We've also added Reed Bunting to the garden list - stick that in your records!