Friday, 24 December 2010

The best wintering bird that visits Northern Ireland EVER!

Here it is the uncrowned champion of all birds that EVER visit Northern Ireland or ANYWHERE. It's official, the Dunlin. No arguments - there can't be any, because we're right about this one (we've got a good feeling about it us) Word just in....yes, hard to believe but a recent poll has now voted the Dunlin the best bird since records began. Who would have thought it? The Dunlin, oh the Dunlin! such a beauty and a marvel, a bird unsurpassed (although you wouldn't think it by the look of it from my picture). (Is that enough for a post? Aye. You really think so? Aye, go for it nobody will notice, it's a Friday and they'll think it's just Derek seeing as he's the mad one. I like Dunlins anyway. Me too).