Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Impending Apocalypse!!

The end is nigh so before the heart of the universe flatlines catch a gobful of this Striped Twin Spot Carpet
Flies from mid-May to mid-June and again from late July to early September, larvae feed on bedstraws Galium spp.......but you'll never get the chance seeing as it's the end of the world soon.  could well be the last moth you ever see.

So that's it, we've only a couple of days to go before things go belly up and the end of eternity begins, it was nice knowing you all - I bet you regret buying those 30,000 loaves of stale bread for your mega-assault on Killybegs Derek? It's now or never, load up the van - you've got less than 48 hours of gull-watching left Charlesy-boy you may as well stuff the boot full of wheaten bread, soda bread, potato bread and veda (all indigenous Ulster breads) and go for it. It'll do you no good though - Douglas Adams got it wrong, there'll be no gulls there. All there'll be waiting for you Derek is a note saying 'So long and thanks for all the farls'.