Thursday, 30 December 2010

It's all going pear-shaped!!

Well, that's just my waistline, too much cider and turkey and beer and ham and chocolate and gin. Did I mention vodka? Don't really like the stuff but why not? Another bottle of wine anybody? Hmm, must be time for more turkey - spritzer anyone? Aaah, that's more like it, must be time for some Baileys. Hey! Champagne - you're very kind! Oooh look a couple of tins of draught Guinness, may as well. Oooooh!.....oh, it's a 12 pack of tennents and 2 crates of chance, I'll leave that to the brother in-law, he's bound to mop it up. Did somebody mention more turkey and Chardonnay? And dessert....mmmm, a maderian petrel cake, flamb├ęd? Surely not?! Hold on a minute, Christmas Day was a 6 days ago, where's that gin...and the turkey, I'm hungry?

Oh aye, this was meant to be about moths! Puss Moth Cerura vinula, aye that's the one isn't it. That there fella that's flying about in May to late-July. You know the one I'm on about - the larvae feed on
willows Salix spp.

Has somebody nicked my gin? I can't find it anywhere! You've nicked it haven't you?