Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's the Apeckalypse!!

Yes!!! Yeah!! Awesome!!! Derek has decided to quit and been shipped off to a convalescent home for unhinged gull watchers. To be honest it was tough for him these last few months, the strain had showed pretty early. For poor Derek it seemed as if there was always too much to do what with writing the niba report on his own and coming up with loads of cool ideas only to be shunned and treated like an outcast. Not finding any rare gulls for ages took it's toll too, not even an American Coot could cheer him up. So he decided to cash in his chips, it was on the cards for a long time - he really had used up every ounce of creative material within in his tiny brain. Say what you will about him but Derek was one of a kind, yes he may have had the two wonky eyes, hunchback and a malingering odour but there was nobody like him for picking out hybrid argentatus x argenteus Herring Gulls.
As for the retirement home? Well, when you get to the stage of Lariditis that Derek reached there's nothing you can do but put a box of his head with a picture of a loaf of bread pasted onto the inside. A piece of tape over the mouth should stop the squawking.

What now for the nibirding blog? Who knows? We've run out of bird photos except for my extensive collection of chicken photos. These are voyeur shots taken of another man's chickens without his permission, phwoooaar!