Friday, 24 December 2010

Keeping it Rude!!

Here we go again - not content with tit and bum now we have booby and bum.

Thanks to Deborah Cohen for being really rude - we believe her when she says 'this happens to me all the time'. It's just pure bad luck that she ends up with all these rude pictures.... although there is that photo that we're too scared to post (which is true! not in a million years, there is no way we are posting that one Deborah - where we live it'd turn into a peasant/pitchfork/wickerman scenario for us!)

 Oh no, I've just noticed - that booby's bum is projectile pooping. We're gonna get into loads of trouble now.

This is so all-encompassing-rude that it could beat Craig Nash's Rabid Rabbit Antics from earlier on in the year