Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Return of the man who never came back!

Ian Dickey. Redwing pretending to be a Waxwing!

I am back from Tunisia and the blog is in crisis (again) Moths, chickens more chickens and more moths! I thought we were meant to quit after a 1000 posts but Andrew has told me a mystery benefactor has promised us a £1,000,000 each if we continue onto 2000 posts. So i have reluctently agreed but there will be strict rules imposed. No more sex gallery, moths, chickens or pictures of Redwings. If any of these rules are broken i am off, from now on its bird news only and Tunisian Trip Reports. Tune in later for both!

Thanks to Ian Dickey for a Redwing cracker we knew he couldn't resist yet another stuffed bird photo before the end of the year. The rumour id he stole this one from the Ulster Museum.