Friday, 31 December 2010

That's It! No More Moths!

No more moths, no more birds, no more nibirding blog, no more competitors, no more cheesy ducks, no more outlaw duck, no more spot the bird, no more chamber of horrors, no more Friday treat, no more gulls (oh yeah!), no more USA vs NI, no more Garbage from America, no more Portavogie Pat the Psychic Cephalapod, no more Pterible Tales, no more chickens, no more gulls (yes!!), no more Reasons to Hate Gulls (boo), no more gulls (ooooh fantastic!). No more Harry. No more Barry. No more Larry
Haven't you heard? it's the end of the world!?!? I'm not going to go on about it....there's no point. There's no gulls left after tomorrow that's all that matters. A hard pill to swallow Derek but why do you still cling on? Give up, you have one last chance left to come over to the world of moths. You still have time to bask in the glory of Hummingbird Hawkmoths

'Who paid for all the farls? - Derek did!' that's what them gulls have been saying to you all along, you just never listened. You never listened Derek. Farls, that's all you ever meant to them. Farls.