Friday, 31 December 2010

Three Wise Men

I know its a a bit late which is entirely typical of this rubbish we call a blog. These three wise men were photographed at 11pm on Christmas Eve at Aviemore as they were leaving to climb the mountain and search for Ptarmigan (an all white grouse)
They hatched this clever plan after their third gallon of mulled wine coming to the theory that because you can't see Ptarmigan in the snow during the day because they are superbly camouflaged that in winter they must be nocturnal and come out at night. They haven't been since but when we rang Mountain Rescue they said "We are not rescueing those 3 anymore. Pat and Jack normally have to go up with mince pies and brandy and order them back down"
(thanks to Pat Baines who really buys into this Mad Friday thing, i wonder why!)