Friday, 28 January 2011

Azorean Gull

I don't really post enough gull photos on this blog but ive been sent a biggy and i have to put it on! Its an Azorean or Atlantis Yellow Legged Gull and it was sent to me by an addicted budding gull guru who shall remain nameless.
Suffice to say he has had to get a job with the Ormo Bakery to help fund this addiction. He is so excited since finding this MEGA gull he hasn't been able to eat, sleep and even his monthly copy of the BEANO lies in the hall unopened. Who would have thought it?
The only info that he will give us regarding the location of the Atlantis Yellow Legged Gull is that it was taken while the gull was standing on a rooftop and he was standing on the road. A further clue was that the sky was grey. It also prefers soda bread to veda bread so all the clues are there for anyone who wants to twitch it

Many thanks to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for the photo
But isn't a Yellow Legged Gull meant to have yellow legs?