Saturday, 15 January 2011

Bird News Saturday 15th January

What a rubbish day - not much about so far

At last...something!

A Red Kite was at Leitrim near Castlewellan (Dave and Orcilla Hadrick)

In Co. Antrim 30 Waxwing were in the centre of Larne yesterday

In Co. Armagh a Blackcap was visiting a garden in Richhill (Andrew Poots). Thanks to Andrew for a photo of the aforementioned fella.

In Co. Sligo a Richardson's Canada Goose was with 250 Barnacle Geese at Raghly (D. Charles et al)

Thanks to Allen Gillespie for some surprise duck photos. Todays surprise?  Pintail

Big thanks to Geoff Campbell for another great photo - visit Geoff's website or we'll annoy your dog, if you don't have one we'll annoy your cat. If you have neither then you're obviously not a pet person so we'll buy you one.

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