Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cross Border Raid

It took a while to find our passports but Saturday was the day we decided to get all international and visit foreign climes. Seeing as we were heading south we brought plenty of sun tan lotion and yoyos.

Our mission was two-fold:
1. Illegaly enter the country and drive incognito to Drogheda for the Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat.2. Deliver essential bread supplies to boost the Republic's ailing economy

0600 hours - clandestine collection of contraband. Northern Ireland is the only place in the world where this bread is still made (fact!)

 The weather was promising

Dance O'er the Border!! - the fog was our best friend, we successfully sneaked past the Garda Síochána  with the proscribed substance

Arrive at target.......

0.000002 seconds after arrival - in the words of The One and Only Sad and Lonely 'second hand tickage baby!!'. In fact, according to Lonely Rules this bird hadn't been seen for over 12 hours so it's 'SELF FOUND TICKAGE BABY!'

'Oooh yeah, give me some sugar baby!'

'Yeah, that's just the way I like it'

'Now you're just being coy!'

'Aw yeah! Give me some of that vent action!'

'That was great, I'm nearly all ticked out - now if you'll just show me your rump I'll be off'

 Mission Accomplished!!! In Veda nos fides!