Monday, 24 January 2011

Dodgy rare and scarce bird photos

Nobody does dodgy photos quite like us a fact that we are very proud of. I am afraid that if you are dyslexic you will have no idea what most of these species are!

This photograph isn't dodgy but then i didn't take it! Its a Meditterean Gull and was photographed at Ballycarry, Larne Lough by Ian Dickey. We hope Ian falls off the bridge soon!

This is the first winter male Ring Necked Duck from Lough Money on Saturday. Found by Dan Baille while he was on a walk it is the bird from Lough Cowey which isn't really that far as the Duck flys!

If i had of found this bird i would have had no idea what it was and would have had to look up my book "Warblers from very far away" People who know a lot more than me and that covers most birders in Ireland tell me its an Central Asain Desert Whitethroat and im happy with that. I am ticking it as it is no Lesser Whitethroat which takes me up to 212 for Ireland and 86 for the year, one ahead of Leonard.

My absolute favourite of todays batch and its a truly stunning image of an American Coot. Who is going to argue that its not an American Coot! This National Geographic contendor was taken at Termoncarragh Lake in Belmullet.

This is a Taverners Goose! How do i know this? Because Tristaan Reid told me and he seems to know a thing or two about Goosys. Tristan who is an expert on things beginning with the letter T (steady on folks!) tells me this is definately a Taverners Goose because every evening after a days eating grass in Sligo it heads into the Lissadell Tavern for a couple of pints before heading to roost, the only "small" Canada Goose to do so. ( a more serious piece on this Goose tomorrow)

Another stunning shot and further evidence that i am the top nature photographer in Ireland. In mitigation these two Pink Footed Geese were in a cloud of fog and i could barely see them never mind photograph them. Part of a flock of 11 at Inch Lake yesterday.

A bit of a cutey and its not often you get this close to a Slavonian Grebe! Photographed on the Qouile River and some people have contacted me to say they think its a female Smew, so ive told them to buy a field guide!