Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ferruginous Photos at last

To celebrate our highest ever Fatbirder Ranking 108! It shows that all you need are some chooks, some Ulster Bread and a few mad followers! So we have decided to release at last the photo of the 2 Ferruginous Ducks which are terrorising the lakes of Co.Armagh. The picture is absolute birding dynamite and proves what the NIBA have been telling us and that there are actually two Ferruginous Ducks. The best way to see the two birds is to join the NIBA and wave your membership card at the first duck and the second will mysteriously appear.Non members will only ever see one no matter how hard they try and how many lakes they check. Standing beside or even touching an NIBA member who is looking at the two ducks also doesn't work, you have to pay your tenner folks!
If all else fails and you want to see two Ferruginous Ducks go to Castle Espie as they have loads of the little darlings and it costs less than a tenner to join!

Thanks to Aythya Duex for the photo

To show you how much we care and for our little friend here is a picture of two White Billed Divers that have been wintering in Sligo. They are being suppressed and this is the first picture of the Bananna Billed Monsters!
(thanks to Ian Dickey for the photo)