Friday, 28 January 2011

New Competition

We have had to scrap the last competition because most of the entrys contained swear words and words like sad and lonely so we have had to abandon it, which is a pity because the answers really made Andrew and myself laugh out loud. But we do that everyday anyway!

So the new competition is a real toughy. How does the bird pictured below get its name? The only rule is you are not to use google to help you.
Pwizes include a weeks holiday to Cairo in Eqypt, free gas mask for said trip and 50 million Eqyption drackmas. Entries close on Sunday night so get the thinking caps on

Many thanks to Ian Dickey for this photograph. Ian is barred from entering as i have told him what it is. He thought it was a Cormorant. A good guess but wrong bird family.