Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Newcastle, birding Mecca

Yes, little did you know it but Newcastle, Co. Down is actually the greatest place to watch birds in Northern Ireland. Avoid the trenchfoot and malaria of Lough Beg, save yourself eyestrain of the Bann Estuary and come to sunny Newcastle where you can feast your eyes on beauties like the one below - up to 8 were present in Newcastle at the weekend: an egg, a chick, a juvenile, a 1st winter, a 2nd winter, an adult, a pensioner and a dead one.

Newcastle is famous for only 2 things - rare birds and shoes, so don't delay head to Newcastle today (and buy some shoes, or slippers......wellies are reasonably priced too, jars of honey and eggs also in stock - sale now on at Main St., Newcastle, Co. Down)