Friday, 28 January 2011

Ring Billed Gulls 3 photos!)

Pat Baines is a loyal follower of our blog and after reading the article below the other day, she got Mr Baines to rev up the Motorcycle and Sidecar and they tootled on down to Newcastle to view the local Ring Billed Gull population.
Pat drew many admiring glances from the local druggies as she looks very fetching in her Sheepskin Fur Coat and Googles and Chris cuts quite a dash in his leather bomber jacket and swarovskis.

They had a great morning feeding the gulls with some veda bread they stole from the local supermarket on the way down (we don't condone stealing or fur coats on this blog kids!) and luckily Pat was able to photograph three of the Ring Billed Gulls. The first winter which is pictured above and the dead one and the egg pictured below.
Pat and Chris could be the new Dave and Orcilla Gull Gurus if they keep this up!

Many thanks to Pat and Chris for the photos!