Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ring Necked Duck (escape!)

Many thanks to that Tristan Reid one for sending us these photos of a male Ring Necked Duck which he says he took at the weekend in Durham! We don't believe that for one second and we think Tristan has ambled down to his local wildfowl collection and took a few snaps of the introduced wildfowl. He probably sat there drinking coffee all morning. He is like that you know and will probably send us photos of Canada Geese today and claim they were wild as well!

Anyway enough frivolity did you know that allowing for returning individuals only 24 male and 9 female Ring Necked Ducks have ever been recorded in Northern Ireland. You would think that they were much commoner than that but a look through the old records suggest otherwise! More interesting (or boring) facts coming soon!

Many thanks to Tristan for these photos, they are good even if it isn't wild!