Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Terrorist still on the Loose!!!

'What am I? I'm a murderer'

'Hand over the Veda now and nobody gets hurt pal'

'Well well well, look who I spy - if it isn't old Mr Nosey'

'What are you doing Mr. Nosey? Sticking your nose in as usual'

'I think you've seen too much Mr. Nosey'

'Locking yourself in won't help you Mr. Nosey! Let me in or I'll decorate your windscreen!'

'Let me in Nosey-boy, you're trying my patience - that just cost you an extra farl'

'Hahaha, nice paintwork on your wife's car Mr Nosey! Now hand over the Veda or spend the next week scrubbing!'

'That's right pal - it's the Veda I want, I know you've got it and I'm going nowhere until you hand it over'