Friday, 14 January 2011

Ward Park Black Duck Special

Wow! Here we go again, you've slept in Sad and Lonely - who's gonna be the most popular blog on the planet today? Not Mr. Pottymouth, that's a cert. It's a sad fact that the rude song he wrote about us is funnier if you substitued the word 'poo' for each expletive. We don't believe in swearing so that doesn't annoy us but we're really miffed that he doesn't like chickens. What a rotter! Anyway, here's some super sexy pics of the black duck at Ward Park in Bangor (as reported by LarryBarryHarry)

Double Wow! You all thought I'd forget to mention HarryLarryBarry, don't blame us - they were the ones who started all this black duck factional infighting that has descended into a full-blown  civil war.