Monday, 28 February 2011

The Real Outlaw Duck Alert!!!

The car of a local birder was broken into at Oxford Island on Saturday afternoon. Even though he parked beside the old information centre and went to Kinnegoe Hide at Oxford Island, Co. Armagh, for around 15 minutes - when he came back the alarm was going and stuff was lying at the back of the car. Fortunately nothing appears to have been taken and there is little damage.

According to the victim 'The moral is to park in the proper carparks, either at Discovery Centre or Mullen Marina.

On reflection the same observer has noted that 3 Outlaw Ducks were off the hide!!. Very suspicious - maybe they kept me distracted for long enough for their friends to carry out this crime????


Six Nations Update

They are big and they are nasty and pulled the legs off the Frogs. Biggest talking point of the Six Nations so far is Johhny Wilkinnsons haircut or lack of it and the general feeling is that it could cost England the Grand Slam if he arrives in Dublin with that mullet. Potential Grand Slam winners

The sole aim of this team appears to be give away as many penalties as you can in 80 minutes and then try and outscore the other team by scoring trys. Mrs Darcy had another stinker in midfield and on the Flight home seemingly the Ulster player was shouting "thats Ulster down there its part of Ireland you know, we have 2 world class centres you could pick" as they flew over Belfast on the way home. Dechlan Kidney was wearing earplugs and just wanted to hear the results of the Irish General Elections. Very lucky the Scottish were wearing a blue kit and the referee had never even seen a scrum before nevermind refereed one. Potential six nations champions

O de France la la. Nous aimons le Cockeral et ce que l'enfer, les garçons anglais étaient de grands garçons et nous ont abordés très dur. Les cheveux de Wilkonsons de Johnny sont un fichu désordre.Le potentiel Six Nations Défendent

Bring back Gavin Henson, Quinnell, JPR, Gordon Bennett, Gareth Davis, David Duckham, Fergus Slattery, Gavin Chambers indeed any Welsh Legend. This bunch of Nancy girls aren't up to scratch anad again only won because Italy were wearing the Blue Kit. Potentail Six Nations Champions.

Sweaty Socks.
They have absolutely no idea where the try line is. They haven't scored a try in the Championship for over 12 years and despite running Ireland ragged the last 20 minutes they didn't get within 50 metres of the whitewash. Have to ditch the Blue Kit and Princess Anne is getting a bit pasty as well. Bring in Kate Middleton. I think more Vodka and less Irun Bru is needed. Potential Woodenspoonists

Lovely blue kit say no more. They do try awfully hard and i think the lady who wash's their white shorts has a very difficult job on her hands. Need to stock up on the Pasta and Pizza for the Woodenspoon decider with Scotland. Potential Woodyspoon

Day 10

Recieved a Morse Code message from Andrew, i think everyone is feeling sorry for him now and cheering him on to outwit the Monster.

It's so dark down here. At least I've got the rabbits to keep me warm. It's only a matter of time now before I'll have to eat them but when I look into their eyes I know they'll understand. They've helped me evade the HarryGarryBarryLarry monster by digging a network of over 25 miles of tunnels under the Royal County Down Golf Course in Newcastle. I should be safe for a while........but I can never escape the sound of The echoes everywhere down a boring hisss. It's still calling me but the further I get away from that damned report the better I feel......I still need gulls though. They're so interesting and pretty.

Many thanks to Nigel Snell for photo of the lovely, cute little seagull!

Bird News Monday 28th February

In Co. Antrim 2 Brambling, the white phase Snow Goose, a Pink-footed Goose, 350 Greylag Geese, 3 Buzzard and 30 Tree Sparrow were at Portmore Lough RSPB

In Co. Armagh 3 Ruddy Duck were at Oxford Island

(all the above sightings Ed O'Hara)

The Dark Bellied Brent, a 2nd winter Meditterean Gull and the Long Tailed Duck were off Glynn Station Larne Lough

A female Brambling was at Ballymena

52 Red-throated Divers, a Great Northern Diver, 44 Red-breasted Merganser, a Gannet and an Eider were offshore between Ballykinlar and Tyrella

288 Sanderling were on the beach at Ballykinlar.

Larry the Lonely Little Egret was at Dundrum Inner Bay South along with 3 Greenshank

A Long-eared Owl was along Dundrum Coastal Footpath (Dan Bailie)

A Purple Sandpiper and 9 Turnstone were at the end of Newcastle Harbour, 38 Black Guillemot and a Red-throated Diver were offshore.

23 Whooper Swan were at Magheralagan

Thanks to Andrew Poots for these images of Goldfinches

Stop Press:
We would like to take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of the nobirds team for their monumental cock-up in lifting their own sightings from a year ago off the Birdguides website yesterday. An utter classic - well done lads, you might have a sense of humour after all!!!!


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Harrybarrylarrygarry Monster

A world exclusive we have the first photo anywhere in the world of the Harrybarrylarrygarry Monster that is currently in hot pursuit of Andrew. Its very frightening and no surprise to us in the know that it has "The Seagull" like tendancies. Lets hope Andrews spoons don't go blunt and he can keep one step ahead of the monster. It looks as if it could give you a nasty peck.Go Andrew Go!

Spot the Bird (Part 186)

Answer to Part 185: Ring-necked Duck

No Man is an Island

Unless your name is Garry McGarry (who probably doesn't need reminding he'll be left all on his own once Andrew tunnels to China, thus saving copious amounts of Yuan for the Two Ronnies). All we need now is somebody to send in a photo of Inishderek.


Hey these pictures are no Sparrowhawk, Buzzard or Kestrel so we will have to slum it with these pictures of a Merlin. Taken at Ballintoy and Carrick a Rede at the weekend by Geoff Campbell.
What a cracking falcon. Might have to dust down the gull photos for later!

More of Geoffs photos here


Still no word from Andrew so i will have to soldier on. Thats not so difficult when you get sent pics of Northern Irelands rarest breeding birds the Chough. Geoff Campbell photographed these at an undisclosed site at the weekend and we do hope its a prelude to a breeding attempt. Locality has to remain secret but we can tell you that it wasn't at the Qouile Pondage. That narrows it down considerably! Many thanks to Geoff and check more of his photos at

We will tell people the location if they send us £100 in ten pound notes in a brown envelope!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

!!!!!!!!!!!System Interruption!!!!!!!


Wow!! Did you all hear that?!?!, the plot thickens - just what tumultuous events will unfold over the next couple of weeks? Will Hairy Harry opt for laser-surgery to stop Larry and Barry laughing at his hairy back? Can Stinky Larry resist the sausage for much longer? Can't they think of anyhting better than ripping off Captain Scarlett? What has Lonely Barry McGarry done with their tickets to China? Will they ever get there? Tune in later to find out.

Here's a couple of Song Thrush pictures.....and we aren't looking a dime, a penny or even a yuan

Mr Thrush

Bird News Sunday 27th February

Its a big day today in Northern Ireland Birding. Leonard Charles (no relation but i wish i had his year list) reached 100 species for the year today with Great Spotted Woodpecker and soon after he reached 101 with self found Treecreeper (self found tickage baby!)
Rugby later on as well, could be a long day!

3 Great Spotted Woodpecker were at an undisclosed site in Co.Down. 2 Raven were displaying at the same site.

A Green Sandpiper was at Ardilea, Dundrum Inner Bay South

3 Gannet, 2 Red-breasted Merganser and a Red-throated Diver were off Rossglass. 75 Golden Plover flew south

6 Red-throated Diver were of Newcastle

5 Pinkfooted Geese were still at Lough Beg

the first wintr male Ring Necked Duck has relocated to Ballyhurley Lough
A Slavonian Grebe and an adult Meditterean Gull were off Glynn, Larne Lough

CONTARY to what the opposition say there was NO Iceland or Ring Billed Gull seen yesterday, they have taken their own sightings from a year ago! Silly!

Thanks to Andrew Poots for these photos of Redpolls. Top bird is a Lesser Redpoll and the bottom one a Meally Redpoll. Great find!

Stop Press!!
With the addition of Gannet and Golden Plover Leonard Charles is now sitting pretty on 103 species for the year - still on target for his record-breaking year.

And finally.....
we would like to wish the nobirds team a 1st anniversary - good job lads, especially seeing as up until 20th August Ronnie Stilton had contributed 3 posts. Outstanding (by your absence). We'll be round later to pick up our half of the royalties.

Now that we think about it we could do our own 6 month anniversary!! fact if you add in the time we ran the nobirds site it's actually OUR anniversary. Well, we've thought about it and have decided that we can't stoop to the boring level. We have our self respect to think's a picture of a chicken

And another thing......
Whatever happened to 'we are here to educate'?

.....anyway, we're always up for a party so we'll crank open a bottle you could join in the party too around at Ronnie Stiltons house but beware, if you don't like carrot sticks and quorn sandwiches you won't be let through the door. We much prefer to celebrate with things like this sent to us by Kristian McComb


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Emergency Spot the Bird

No sign of that other eejit Andrew - I reckon he's up to something. Anyway, just taking this opportunity to thank him for roping me into this and then leaving me in the lurch to deal with the McGarry brothers (again)

For all you Spot the Bird lovers out there (all 7 of you) this is the best I could do at the last minute.

Dark Common Gull - Lurgan

Thanks to Stephen Foster for these shots of a dark Common Gull at Lurgan. Anybody out there have any thoughts?

Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Film they tried to Suppress: The Outlaw Duck:

After several unsuccessfull attempts, Island Films / Cull corporation are pleased to announce that at a secret showing to critics in a cinema near LA it was nominated for an Oscar for best Nature Film 2011. Due to the sensitive storyline several governments attempted to ban the film, however after to a public outcry, a limited viewing to cinema critics was permitted,writes our Art Critic Taverna Sheldrake. It is hoped the publicity from the Oscars will mean it will be shown to a wider audience.
It is hoped to go on general release in March 2011 a full two years before the next edition of The Boring

Emergency Spot the Bird

Answer to Spot the Bird 186 Thick Billed Lark

Andrew has sent this Emergency Spot the Bird:
"I don't have much signal in this tunnel ssssssssssssssssssssssss.......I've only a limited supply of spoons but I reckon I'll have... reached .....the coast in about 2 days but know the Harrylarrybarrygarry monster is on my tail. I just have enough battery to get out this emergency ssssssssssSpot the Bird out. If anybody is out there, if anybody is listening..... can they please identify this bird? I have to know....ssssssssss..please let it be a seagull......ssssssssssssss....... please.....please....for the love of god please let it be a's white so it must be. I can't see much anymore............ssssssssssss......that damned report ........has burnt my eyeballs out. I must go the Harrylarrybarrygarry monster is close.....the sound of The Boring is getting louder........ssssssssss."

Bird News Saturday 26th February

A Little Auk was seen in flight Port Muck, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim. A Red Throated Diver was on the sea. A Carrion Crow was also seen along with a hybrid Carrion x Hooded (mostly hooded) and a pure Hooded Crow.

Seeing as it's gone all a bit corvidy here's a picture of a Rook by Andrew Poots

4 Twite were on the Seafield Rd., Killyleagh

2 Common Buzzard were at Markethill

The male Ferruginous Duck was at Lurgan Park Lake.

An male Eider off Ballylumford would have been a Borealis if it had sails. Bill colour bright orange unlike all the other Eiders observed in Larne and Belfast Lough today

An adult Mediterranean Gull was at Whitehouse Lagoon. 800 Dunlin were also present.

2 Long-tailed Duck were off Carrickfergus and a Red Throated Diver off Greyabbey Shore. Another Long-tailed Duck a first winter female was off Glynn Station, Larne Lough

50 Scaup were off Dargan Bay.

The female Smew was still off the Castle Island Hide at the Qouile Pondage today. (Keith Bennett)

3 Goosanders (male and 2 fem./imm.) were at Lough Island Reavy

Here's some Blackcap shots from Andrew Poots....... for free!!

A Red Kite was seen near Bryansford, here's a free pic (we will not at any stage attempt to charge you £10, unlike certain McGarrys we know)

We like Red Kites nearly as much as buzzards. Here's some buzzard pictures for free!!

.........and don't say we don't keep you abreast of the latest scientific findings - check out this story from the BBC website during the week.


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Friday, 25 February 2011

A Message you all need to read

Day ????
What day is it? What time is it? Is it dark outside, its very dark inside my head? I have to avoid the light. The only light I need in this life now is the candles made out of my earwax that illuminate that damned report. I have now read the Not Interesting Boring Association report seven and a half thousand times since monday. It's all starting to make sense now. I think I've cracked it.......I just need a little more time...just a little and then I can tell everybody. Then everybody will know about.......The Boring. I must get away, I made my Rabbits dig a tunnel out of the house towards the shore by attaching spoons to their paws and when they died i used the spoons myself. I will hide here with my chickens. Sooner or later they'll send Harry, Barry, Larry, and Garry McGarry after me. I must escape.......

If it wasn't for these photos of juvenile gulls by Nigel Snell I don't think I could have survived today. I must tunnel to the shore......there'll be more gulls there.

Spot the Bird 186

Sorry sorry sorry! I just cannot believe the amount of emails asking why we hadn't done spot the bird! 4572 to be exact (how many people read this stuff!) Its the only thing people care about in this blog. An irate C.Gadafi from Tripoli absolutely blew his lid and told me that if i don't do a Spot the Bird tomorrow he would drop everything and come here and try and find me. A very angry H.Mubarak from Venuzula was equally indignant and demanded his daily dose of guess the birdy.
Emails from Mrs Putin from Moscow, Ali Salih from Yemen, Teo Obiang from Equatorial New Guinea were also scathing with their criticism. A Mr D.Cameron from London said his friday morning mates who come round and who call themselves COBRA discussed nothing else over elevenses and viscounts.
I apologise guys but i am worried about Andrew its a stressful time but i will make sure and do my duty and get a spot the bird for your perusual every morning.I don't know what the answer was to the last one, im struggling as it is with the answer for this one!

Synopsis of interview with a Teutonic visitor:

Favourite Composer: Wagner
Favourite Place: Nuremburg
Favourite Filmmaker: Leni Riefenstahl
Favourite Person: Hi........Mother Teresa

From Kurt Waldheim
( flippin eck, not sure about this one!)

Bird News Friday 25th February

Still no word from Andrew. A neighbour says he hears screams at night but he thought it was because Andrew was addicted to the Jeremy Kyle Show. Another neighbour Mrs Murphy who didn't want her name mentioned said Andrew was away to vote in the Southern General Election being held today.
So i have to soldier on people need their birdnews (sure Flightline wouldn't be the same without all our sightings!) We would like to thank Geoff Campbell for another great photo of a duck or something like that! More of Geoffs photos here..

Seven Goosander were on the River Maine in the Shanes Castle Estate. No doubt part of the same birds seen previously at Randlestown only a Goosander flap away (Mark Smyth)

The 2 long staying Ring Billed Gulls were at both Portrush East Strand Car Park and Donnybrewer Lough Foyle.

2 Waxwings were at Prehen Wood, Co. Londonderry. 2 Buzzards were also present (Stuart Broadley)

A Snow Bunting possibly the bird from Magilligan yesterday was at nearby Balls Point. 8 Common Scoter were at Magilligan.

23 Pinkfooted Geese were with large numbers of Greylags and Whoopers at Myroe Levels. 18 Golden Plover were also present.
Another 5 Pinkfooted Geese were at Creagh, Toomebridge

A Short Eared Owl and 3 Slavonian Grebe was near Horse Island Kircubbin and a Slavonian Grebe at Greyabbey Bay South

A 2nd winter Iceland Gull was at the RSPB Reserve

The adult Iceland Gull was still at Greencastle Donegal

Thanks to Stuart Broadley for this addition to the Sex Gallery - glad to see that Andrew wasn't the only person with this affliction. Poor old Andrew - I wonder where he is?

Stop Press!
We would like to deny the recent spate of erroneous and nasty rumours by the opposition that Andrew has defected to the NobirdsTwoRonniesSlowboatToChinaHarryBarryLarryGarryMcGarry Blog. We know he's out there somewhere and he might have lost his mind but we know that whatever semi-lucid state he's in he won't have done that!......or has he?!!!! On reflection he was spending an unhealthy amount of time reading that Not Interesting Boring Association report.....anything more than once a year is unhealthy according to the World Health Organisation.


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Only a fool doesn't look at irishbirding

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