Friday, 22 April 2011


Ally T continues her Birding, Drinking and Amphibian Tour of North West England. Yesterday seen her seawatching off Blackpool Pier with a crate of Diamond White. She can't remember much of what she seen but she did have a direct on a Herring Gull with one of the empty bottles. The local population of Herring Gulls is healthy at the moment so this death is not a problem. After throwing up so she could get more drink in she passed out and awoke beside a load of croaking frogs. In the interest of scince she stole an old dears camera and sent us the following picture. She is going twitching today for a Little Whimberal that was reported 30 years ago. Lets hope its still there as she is likely to cut up rough if she dips. She still has enough prescription drugs for another 2 days before she has to come home to sign on.

Many thanks Ally