Monday, 18 April 2011

Bird News Monday 18th April

In Co. Armagh:
13 Tree Sparrows and 2 Yellowhammers (a pair) were at Richhill (Andrew Poots)

Thanks to Andrew for these pictures from today and because he's been so nice to us I'm awarding them both picture of the day!!.

In Co. Down:
20 Golden Plover, a Sandwich Tern and the usual suspects such as Black-headed Gulls and Oystercatchers were at Ballymacormick Pt. Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit and Eider were also present (Nigel Snell). Check out Nigel's shots from today at the end of this post.

In Co.Fermanagh
An Osprey was at Upper Lough Erne this morning per Giles Knight

In Co. Antrim
Waxwings were still in the Antrim Road / Waterworks, Carlisle Circus area.

Cuckoos, White Wagtails and Whimbrels etc are being widely reported

Cyprus Update!!
Lucky David Nixon is in Cyprus - he kindly thought he should make everybody back home jealous and sent us this update:

"All birders here say its very poor migration year. So we have to settle for eleanora's falcon, griffon vulture, alpine swift, roller, great spotted cuckoo, red-rumped swallow, spur-winged plover, glossy ibis, Cyprus wheatear, night heron, montagu's harrier etc! Loads of waders but nothing unusual"

Fuerteventura Update!!
Everybody's on holidays at the moment, what happened to the recession? Thanks to Dave and Orcilla Hadrick for this update:

"Day One: Early walk near villa, breakfast, pool, lunch, pool, dinner, drink, then bed. A full day's birding! Berthelot's Pipit, Spanish Sparrow, Hoopoe, Southern Grey Shrike, Stone Curlew, Turtle Dove. All withiin 200m of villa. Might go as far as 400m tomorrow"

"Day Two: Strenuous day, did the 400m trip. Same birds as yesterday but added Spectacled Warbler. Won't bother with 600m trip. Had to go for some supplies and we got some food too. Might go look for a bird tomorrow. Depends how tonight pans out - vodka 5 yoyos a litre, petrol 1.04 yoyos and wine so cheap it's going on the cornflakes"

Thanks to Jon Lees for this pic of a Willow Warble. Check out Jon's websites or we'll put too much salt in your food!

Here's some more pics from Random Nutter, not much is known about Random other than he likes birds and reggae music. He once bought an annual subscription to a little known birdwatching group but realised that spending his well-earned tenner on a crate of cheap lager brought more benefits.

Finally, here's Nigel Snell's photos from Ballymacormick Pt. today - it's good to see that the tactic of threatening to post someone Hugo Duncan CD's pays off. Check out Nigel's websites:

Late News from Yesterday:

In Co. Armagh:
4 Jays and a Blackcap were at Gosford Forest Park - 2 Guinea Fowl were also seen walking through the forest! (Neil McCartney)

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