Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bird News Saturday 30th April

In Co. Down:
3 Dotterel were at Ballyquintin Pt., Ards Peninsula (take the path to viewpoint right from the carpark to the viewpoint - birds in the large ploughed field on the right). 22 Whimbrel were along the shore (David Nixon)

A Swift was over Hillsborough

In Co. Londonderry:
A Wood Sandpiper was in the southwest corner of Lough Beg (David Steele) 6 White Wagtail and 2 Golden Plover were also present. 60 Whimbrel and 100 Black-tailed Godwit were on the westshore, 3 Swift and 20 Common Tern were over the Beg

2 Swifts were at Ballyronan (Mark Smyth)

In Co. Antrim:
A male Hen Harrier and 7 Red Grouse were at Slemish. 7 Crossbill  and 12 Siskin were at Shillinavogey Wood (Ed O'Hara)

2 Swifts were just outside Antrim Town (Mark Smyth)

In Co. Armagh:

Lady's Bay, Lough Neagh, had 15 Whimbrel and 2 Wheatear (Ed O'Hara)

Bird(s) of the day?......yup, I'd vote for that!!!!

Below: Easiest Spot the Bird Quiz in the universe?

 Above: Not the place you want to be when the Strangford ferry's full and about to sail.


.......only to be repeated half an hour later! Finally got on nearly an hour from when I arrived! Add to that the fact I ran out the door and left my keys inside, lost a fiver, had to get petrol, missed the ferry over by less than a minute and forgot where Ballyquintin was when I got there. Class birds though - thanks David!!

Turkey Update:
Yes, if you hadn't guessed it already Derek has left me in the lurch again. Lurch has now been appointed my middle name - if you want you can just call me that to my face, I won't mind (although I might harbour a deep-seated hatred that will fester, sated only by exacting shock and awe revenge)

Anyway, off to Turkey he went (hidden inside the luggage of Chris Baines).......

'Turkish airlines great, free paper, food and drink and theygave me 3 seats to myself. I hate talking to people, result. Rip-off Turkey however a different story. 20yoyos visa before I could get kissing the tarmac. Stern boys at passport control but I stared them out. He seemed to appreciate my efforts. Lost everyone'

That was yesterday, now they're in the money......

'Smyrna Kingfisher, 20 Red-fronted Serin, Wallcreeper, 20 Yellow-vented Bulbul, 3 Broad-billed Sands, Long-legged Buzzard, 50 Collared Pratincoles, 10 Spur-winged Plover, 2 Shore Lark, 2 Tawny Pipit, 2 Graceful Prinia, Finsch's Wheatear, Rock Nuthatch, 100 Rock Sparrow, 10 Black-headed Bunting, 2 Ortolan Bunting'

(the astute among you may have picked up on the phrase 'harbour a deep-seated hatred that will fester, sated only by exacting shock and awe revenge', which equally applies to the above sightings.)

Fuerteventura Update!!
Thanks again to the Hadricks

'For our cafe culture followers we have to say the seafood here is fantastic even though you ahve to stay up half the night before you can eat it. We finally found the Sidra bar, typically on hte last day, so going there for lunch tomorrow. Back to no birds on Sunday'

(By the way no birds isn't the same as the nobirds lads)

Finally: We got a couple of nasty phone calls and some really vicious texts from J. Stalin and A. Hitler. They're a really nasty pair so you can't blame us for wanting to keep all our teeth and putting some of their pics on. Jim likes gulls and Adrian likes waders. It's a good night from me.....and seeing as this is now a one-man's a goodnight from me (cue theme music)

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