Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bird News Sunday 17th April

In Co. Antrim:
4 Garganey (2 pairs) were at Portmore Lough RSPB (E. O'Hara)

A 2nd calendar year Glaucous Gull was at Corbally Dam near Portrush and an Iceland Gull of the same age near the Giants Causeway

In Co. Down:
A Water Pipit was at Kearney Beach, Ards Peninsula (north of the houses)

At the Quoile Pondage the redhead Smew, 1st summer Little Gull were still present as well as a Common Sandpiper and a Sedge Warbler (Keith Bennett)

5 Red Kite were over Slieve Croob before heading over the Windy Gap.

A Grey Plover was at Tyrella South along with 150 Sanderling

In Co. Armagh:
2 Grasshopper Warbler, 6 Sedge Warbler and 2 Whimbrel were at Oxford Island (E.O'Hara)

An unidentified Warbler with an unusual song was at Craigavon North Lake. Possibly a Willow Warbler hybrid it was singing in the area bewteen the lakes.

In Fuerteventura.
The Lisburn twosome managed to slip out of the country (on fake passports) As usuaal between breakfast - lunch - afternoon tea - dinner and evening drinks they managed to look over the edge of their swimming pool and drinks cabinet. Bertelots Pipit, Stone Curlew, Hoopoe, the Slieevenacloy Shrike and Turtle Dove were all seen. They hope to go further than 400m tomorrow and start spending all the forged yo-yos they brought with them. Bonnie and Clyde

Thanks to Mark Killops for this photo of the Ring-necked Duck taken at Oxford Island last week.

News hot off the press! Mark Killops has been officially banned by the North East by South West Armagh Branch of the Oxford Island Photography Appreciation Society!

Rumours abound as to why Mark was banned so we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to start a competition!

Send in your answers to...

or alternatively answers to our secretary on a postcard to:

Killops Court Martial Competition
Ballymacash Road

Here's some pics from random nutter. More info on him later

and again to prove it's not all about birds (unless it's a Orphean Warbler or Cream Coloured Courser turns up somewhere)) here's a picture of a Speckled Wodd from Andrew Poots. Picture of the day!

Any regular viewer knows how fickle and contrary we are and won't be surprised by this announcement of the new pictures of the day. Thanks to Rick Hoy for these photos of a male Willow Warbler. Common as muck but you all know you love them to pieces!

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