Friday, 22 April 2011

How We Make Our Millions

I'll let you in on a secret, one of the best kept in blogging history. You might ask yourself 'Where do these guys find all the time to post all this rubbish on a daily basis? - they must be unemployed' which would be a natural question to ask. Well, you'd be nearly right. I don't really do anything at all other than sit in a paddling pool full of cider playing Call of Duty on my 500 inch tv. That's because my wife is an ultra successful interior designer - the piece below was sold for a paltry 150 million Yuan, which is approximately what it'll cost the Two Ronnies on their upcoming Slow Boat to China trip.

I can't really speak for Derek other than to say he's currently going out with one of the highest grossing stars of adult movies ever so he's completely minted too. We'd don't even actually do this blog we just pay people to make things up for us, like what you're reading now, complete gibberish.