Thursday, 28 April 2011

Important Announcement!

Over the next ten days or so this blog is going into Meltdown. You will notice some significent changes, ie maybe very few or no posts.
This is because we have recieved a high court injunction from a Mr Pantymime Horse and we have been told to calm our act down.
That and our Doctors have signed us both into an Institution where we will be fed Puried Vegatables through a drip and given 8 little white tablets everyday.
When we return i would like to say that the blog will improve dramatically with just bird news and a bird photo a day with definately no Moths, Butterflys, Cockroachs, Orchids and assorted rubbish. Despite our retraining this may be difficult!

Andrew and Derek

ps keep sending us bird news, photos and ideas as we'll find a way to update from our padded cells. By the way Spot the bird will continue daily. Seemingly you are not a real bird blog unless this is done 365 days of the year. There may be a few moths kicking about as well!!!! (only hardcore bird blogs have moths, everyone knows that!!)