Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bird News Wednesday 20th April

In Co. Down:
A Cuckoo was at Murlough NNR this morning (Malachy Martin and Patrick Lynch)

Between Stricklands Glen and Crawfordsburn Beach, Bangor this morning there was a Whimbrel, 2 Common Sandpipers, Gannets, Linnet, Bullfinch. No word on Black Guillemots but Ronald thinks he is being followed by a gang of them! (Ronald Surgenor) Thanks to Ronald for these photos from this morning

In Fuerteventura
Everythings dirt cheap over there and Dave sent Orcilla to the shops to buy a camera (its only a 7 mile walk) Orcilla managed to get a camera for 2 yo yos as well as more vodka, cider, beer, wine, bacardi and gin. And its not a bad camera either and Dave tried it out photographing a Lesser Short Toed Lark which is beside their drinks cabinet. Thanks Dave. He has promised us more Lark photos tomorrow and maybe a Stonechat photo as well.

Somewhere in England:
Ally T continues her trip around Northern England. She spied a Buzzard circling on the thermals on her train journey from somewhere to Preston this morning. Yesterday was a bit fuzzy because she started drinking Red Wine at 12am and continued through to 10pm. She found herself lying on a bench outside the train station this morning. Its about an hour from Preston (via train) but she is not sure which direction from Preston the Station was. Anyone got contact details for the Preston Raritys Committee?

Fuerteventuran Update!!!!!!!!!
The Hadricks have dipped finding any cider on their booze-a-thon so had to content themselves with Cream-coloured Courser, Kentish Plover (on a nest), loads of Lesser Short-toed Larks (LSTL as nobirds would call them), a pair of Buzzard (Canarian ssp), Bertie's Pipit and loads of Hoopoes. They are now enjoying an aperitif (one for every bird species seen today). Of course they had to mention the 'g' word - there were lots of gulls, big ones with yellow legs. Just like home. Seemingly Orcilla is going out all day tomorrow with her new camera to photograph the pretty gulls with the Yellow Legs. Already she suspects they are a different species to the Azores birds and are probably closely related to the birds on Maderia. She will let us know and send us a few pictures.

Top 100 Update
Well, despite our best efforts we've slipped out of the top 100. It was nice while it lasted and at least we can console ourselves with the fact that Sad and Lonely has thrown the towel in. We hadn't even mentioned him for months but those lovely photographs from yesterday must have been too much. It's been a lovely week, surely it can't get any better. (by the way nobirds you have another dead link on your page to add to the list). Big Kisses (and some hugs as well) Sad and Lonely - we didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

This one's for you Lonely, one of your all-time favourites.........grab yourself a bottle of scotch and stick on a Hugo Duncan CD. Horse it inta ye Cynthia!

Jamaica Cake? 'No, I half-baked it'

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