Friday, 22 April 2011

Orcillas Gulls and update

Orcilla and Dave were that exhausted yesterday from a days Gull Watching in Furteventura that we recieved their tweet late last night.

We must apologise to our Cafe Culture followers for being unable to report on local Gastronomy as the locals are all buck mad (we think we are actually in Ahoghill) and have no idea of the proper times to eat. They have lunch at tea time and dinner at bedtime so we have had to kill our own lambs and go self catering. (Orcilla kills the lambs with her bare hands) Derek will be pleased to hear that before the gull watching we travelled again to La Oliva where we nailed Trumpeter Finch. After an exhausting 7 minute drive back to the Villa we walked to the Bakery for sustanance and saw more Trumpeter Finch. We then cracked open a litre of Vodka (it was just after 8am) Next time we will go to the Bakery first.
We also found some caged Barbary Partridges and Canaries (we have ticked them) which belong to an international chain of restauarants called "Casa Wally". It never seems to be open but the smells eminating from the establishment are top class!

Rest of day was spent at the seafront with Orcilla oggling seagulls and getting arrested for urinating and being drunk in public. Best day of the holiday so far.
Tips on gull id by Orcilla

This is either a Grey Mantled Gull or Yellow Legged Gull

This is an immature because its not an adult.

Look at that tailband, its a whopper

Corys Shearwater

Look at all that over exposure! Wow!
Thanks Orcilla. All photos sent via Orcilla iphone