Thursday, 28 April 2011

Orcillas Holiday Photos

Things are going from bad to worse for Dave and Orcilla on their holiday in Fuerteventura. Last night someone broke in and stole the contents of their drinks cabinet. 2000 yo yos up in smoke. They have had to go to the British Embassy for an emergency loan for more drink. At the embassy Dave got into a fight with one of the cleaners it was very embarrasing.
To top it all Orcilla has befriended a male Yellow Legged Gull and spends all day sitting on the beach with him and his friends while Dave hides and watches on from the Bush's. They are only friends Orcilla says but he is much more exciting than Dave.
But Dave is no shrinking violet either and has struck up a friendship with a rather shy Houbara Bustard who has become infatuated with Dave and is following him around. Orcilla has sent the photographic proof. To be honest we hope the Royal Wedding and the Emergency Drink Loan will bring Dave and Orcilla back together. Phew i definately need a holiday! Thanks to Orcilla for the photos! Very good if i say so myself!

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