Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring Cleaning! Northern Ireland Winter Wader Special!

An absolute treat for you today. Ive been hoarding most of these for weeks but its time for a spring cleanout. Many thanks to the photographers for some stunning photographs of some of our most exciting winter visitors. In no particular order just the way they were saved in the file. I will do a winter gull photo special tomorrow, there will be 3000 photographs in that posting!

Ringed Plover or Semipalmated Plover we don't know but what we do know is that its a stunning photo. Photo Ian Dickey

Ringed Plovers in flight by Ian Dickey

Purple Sandpiper by Ian Dickey

Surfbirds, the first Northern Ireland record. Ian Dickey

Could be another Surfbird or maybe a Turnstone Ian Dickey

Golden Plovers by Ian Dickey

Goldy Alone by Ian Dickey

A herd of Gloden Plover by Ian Dickey

Bar Tailed Godwits and 3 Black Tailed Godwits (at least thats what i think they are) Ian Dickey

Bar Tailed Godwits and Short Billed Godwits by Ian Dickey

Northern Irelands first flock of Western Sandpipers.By Ian Dickey

Take your pick but there is definately a Franklins Gull in there.By Ian Dickey

The worlds last Slender Billed Curlew by Ian Dickey

Black Tailed Godwit, pretty thing isn't it. By Ian Dickey

Who said Nightjars are extinct in Northern Ireland? Ian Dickey

Problems at the breakdown by Ian Dickey

Barwits by Ian Dickey

Nowits by Ian Dickey

Whimberal by Ian Dickey

Terek Sandpiper by Ronald Surgenor

Turnstone by Geoff Campbell

Don't know what this is but its from South Africa, check the national colours on its legs. Geoff Campbell

Stilt Sandpiper by Geoff Campbell

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Special thanks to the photogrpahers, i hope i got all the names right!