Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bird News Sunday 1st May

In Co. Down:
There are now 4 Dotterel at Ballyquintin Pt (Leonard Charles et al)

Here's a couple of rubbish shots from this morning.....

and just for those out there you don't believe there's four of them......

A female Yellow Wagtail was at the marsh immediately south of Portvogie between 12.00 and 12.30 (Richard Weyl)

Also at Ballyquintin 6 golden plover and 30 whimbrel. 15 whimbrel at Kearney and 10 south of Portavogie (Richard Weyl)

2 (possibly 3) Reed Warblers and a Common Tern were at Lough Cowey (Walter Veale)
A Cuckoo was at Castleward.

Killard NNR this morning from 8 and had plenty of Whimbrel and a Black-tailed Godwit in summer plumage. plus a nest full of Ravens and lots of sand martins (Jon Lees). Check out the shots below and visit Jon's redbubble page.

In Co. Londonderry:
3 Wood Sandpiper were in the south-west corner of Lough Beg (David Steele)

In Co. Armagh:
30 Swift were at Oxford Island

In Co. Antrim:
9 Whimbrel were at Drains Bay, Larne this morning. 6 House Martins were at Cairncastle, 4 Wheatear were at Linford and a Merlin at the Standing Stone. All in the fine borough of Larne. (Thanks to Gavin Ferguson for these sightings the the Whimbrel pics below) 

Around Lough Neagh 7 Whimbrel were at Lady's Bay and 3 Jack Snipe were at Portmore Lough RSPB (Ed O'Hara)

Late News from Yesterday:
There were at least 10 Yellowhammers just to the south of Downpatrick this evening when i wandered the roads for a couple of hours (Jon Lees).

Check out Jon's awesome Yellowhammer shot (it may be from yesterday but it's a hands down picture of the day for Jon with this one!) and while you're at it check out Jon's website: 
While I like birdwatching I much prefer looking at pretty pictures. Less stress, doesn't cost as much petrol, no chance of running into head-bangers or having your head kicked in. That's why Dr. Alimantado is one of my favourite contributors to this blog and he's got the best dressed chicken in town (I wonder do Wheatears taste like chicken?).

Leonard Charles is storming ahead this year - he's now on 126 with the addition of Dotterel (a lifer) 

Turkey Update!!!
If you didn't hate Derek before you will once you read this. When I read this text it almost brought an end to our no-swearing policy (mind you there's a niche market out there at the moment for a sweary bird website now Sad and Lonely has thrown in the towel - emphasis on the word niche)

"2 Caspian Snowcock, 7 Ortolan Bunting, 20 Rock Bunting, 40 Snowfinch, 5 Crimson-winged Finch, 50 Red-fronted Serin,20 Alpine Chough, 10 Isabelline Wheatear, 8 Wallcreeper, 5 Alpine Accentor, 5 Rock Thrush, 10 Radde's Warbler, 30 Bimaculated Lark, 2 Goshawk, 10 Golden Eagle, 10 Long-legged Buzzard. Highlight (or not as the case may be) was the scariest trip ever up to the Snowcock on a tractor!"

I hate him....but then I always did.

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