Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bird News Saturday 18th June

In Co. Down:
The 2 Whooper Swan were at Dundrum Inner Bay South (W.Veale et al)

A Red Kite (wing tagged) was at Tyrella. (W.Veale et al)

A male Yellowhammer was at Clogh.

2 Red Kite were at Legananny Road Leitrim (known locally as Hootananny!

A Manx Shearwater was at St Johns Point and a pair of Spotted Flycatchers were at Kellys Wood. There was no sign of the Blyths Reed Warbler.

3 Cuckoos were seen at Murlough this morning as well as lots of whitethroats, and a couple of pairs of linnet nesting, a marsh fritillary, and loads of grasshoppers (Jon Lees)

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