Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bird News Sunday 26th June

Look at the tongue on that Ring Billed Gull! (photo courtesy of Deirdre Kempston)

Is the Bee-eater one of the most distinctive birds ever to be seen in Northern Ireland. You would think so. However the mystery of the recent sighting deepens. The locality of the sighting given on the NOBIRDS Bog is Cloghy Road, Donaghadee. Well well what do you know this road does not exist. No sign on google maps and a google seach turns up one entry for Cloghy Road Donaghadee and guess what site it leads you to, yes you've guessed it NOBIRDS. No wonder it hasnt been seen again because it was seen on a road that doesn't exist. Suppression and mis-information from the organisation that charges people to ring for Bird Information and members £10 to twitch birds that either don't exist or at locations that don't exist. Surely its time for it to disband.

In Co. Antrim:
The Ring-billed Gull was still at Ballycastle

2 Mediterranean Gulls were at Glynn Station, Larne

(Lesser Butterfly orchids are out at a site 2 miles north of Ballycastle on the Ballintoy Rd)

In Co.Armagh
A Reed Warbler as at Oxford Island (Mark Killops and Tom McCreery)

In Co. Down:
The 2 Whooper Swan were at Dundrum Inner Bay South

2 Mandarin Duck were at Newcastle Boating Lake

Above: Winner of the Grottiest Duck of the Month Competition

....and his missus.

And in case you didn't hear right yesterday the Nobirds team successfully suppressed another Northern Irish rarity the other the day - 2 suppressed rarities in less than a month, that's pretty good going lads. By the way, the exchange rate for Gambia isn't looking too good.

Late News From Yesterday:
A Whimbrel was at Killard Point (Jason Starbuck, Scott Young, Drew Middleton and Stevie Stewart)

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