Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bird News via Twitter

Here is what a Bee-Eater looks like if you ring Flightline and follow the Nobirds Blog. Suppression and mis-information now appear to form the backbone of their Organisation.

Here is what a Bee-Eater would look like if we get the information. We suppress nothing unless its rare breeding birds.

So to try and help the flow of information we are going to put out all rare and scarce bird information via twitter. This will include updates and we will then merge all the updates on the Bird News every evening. We don't get many rare birds in Northern Ireland but what we hear about we will make sure that people who want to see them will get every oppurtunity. The ruling elite i am sure will continue to charge you for information they want you to hear about and keep the good stuff to themselves and their croonies. Good for them.

Megas this spring (contrary to the post on Nobirds blog) have been:

Great White Egret (Twitchable)


Great Grey Shrike Binevenagh

Purple Heron (Twitchable)

Pallid Harrier

Hawfinch (late news)

Great Grey Shrike (Slievenacloy, Twitchable)

Montagu's Harriers (Suppressed)


Marsh Warbler / Blyths Reed Warbler.

So there have been 10 (TEN) Megas this spring in Northern Ireland of which three have been twitchable. At least two of the others could have been twitchable if the news had of been broadcast in time. So there you go and we are not even a bird information service, how hard can it be? And we don't charge a penny!