Friday, 24 June 2011

Blast from the past, Montagu's Harrier (part2)

Part2 of our Blast From the Past special!! For anyone who doesn't know the story Willy McDowell found Northern Irelands first Montagu's Harrier at the Harbour Estate 5 years ago. He made the unprecedented step of ringing people to get them to come and see it and enjoy it with him. Those were happy days. This means that the bird pictured here was what we call "non suppressed" This also proved what we all knew in that Big Willy was way ahead of his time.
There have been subsequent Montagu's Harriers in Northern Ireland but these have been what we call "suppressed" which reflects rather badly on the people involved. But the truth will come out and the "selected" few will be found out. No doubt they will be the people who cry loudest when they are on the recieving end. Watch this space for more revelations!