Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bust up at Lyric Theatre

Well it had to happen. The Co.Down Pantymime Horse has got all tempremental since he went all theatrical. It was final rehearshal last night for his play "The Hare and the Pantymime Horse"
Its a true love story and concerns a love triangle between the Hare and both the front end and the back end of the Pantymime Horse. However it appears as if true life mirrors the stage as the back end of the Pantymime Horse was getting very jealous with the blossoming off stage romance between front end of the Pantymime Horse and the Hare. Are you still with me??
Anyway during a break last night there was an unholy row about who had baked the Tray Bakes and both the Hare and the Front End of the Pantymime Horse started mocking the Back End.
Fur and Pratt Hats flew as the Hare and the Back End of the Pantymime Horse got stuck in and had to be separated by Mabel the Ticket Lady.
But alls well that ends well as the Front and Back Ends of the Horse have been reunited and are currently on a Rarity Photographic Tour of Co.Antrim (lets hope they don't find the suppressed Montague Harriers!)
But it didn't end well for the Hare who is currently behind bars in Donegal Pass Police Station. (as the picture shows) Ian Dickey is on his way to bail him out. (again)
Many thanks to Andrew Poots for the great photograph and the idea, it was a classic!