Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lecale Conservation Update

Our annual social event beckons and this year it is a story telling and musical evening at The Mill at Ballydugan on:

Tuesday 21 June at 8pm.
We want to have a bit of summer madness, on this summer solstice night. Ticket is £8 at the door and includes supper. Come and join us to hear what really goes on at Struell Wells, what became of the Tyrella whale with the three gold teeth, find out about Sheepland's Will's Billy and other legends of Lecale.

Tuesday 28 June offers a different way to help raise funds for our campaigns. Solveig Moore has organised a food tasting evening in Belfast for which we are paid handsomely to eat!  If you would like to participate in this evening then please give her a ring on 02844 841778.

You may have read about our award from the new Environment Minister, Alex Attwood, for our tern raft project at Strand Lough, between Killough and Ardglass. We continue to 'pipe up' the shortcomings of planning laws and are asking questions about wind turbine applications at the moment. Ongoing loss of biodiversity due to habitat loss or degradation is a high priority and we are pursuing potential land management opportunities. We are poised to work with Down District Council on the forthcoming consultation for bye-laws at Minerstown beach where we organised a beach clean in May. Happy to report that Ringed Plovers nested there successfully with four chicks fledging on Sunday and the Common Seals are getting ready for the pupping season.

We hope to see you on Tuesday at The Mill.

Best wishes,

Doris Noe

Chairman, Lecale Conservation