Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Local Celebrity

He has been on UTV,BBC,CHANNEL4 and now we feature him on our blog! He is the famous Wall Walking Oystercatcher off Portballintrae. Originally from Portnoo in Donegal he married a girl from Portballintrae and moved there 3 years ago. In the summer he entrertains the tourists by walking up and down the wall in the harbour and doing backflips with double pike. He charges 10p per flip to the amazed tourists. In the winter he does a bit of decorating.
He has also entered the Oyster eating championship at Hillsborough and William Hill have installed him as 2-1 favourite. His stage name is Oinky Oyster but his reaal name is Pat.
Many thnaks to Geoff Campbell for this great photo, you can check more of Geoffs photos at gcampbellphoto.co.uk