Thursday, 16 June 2011

Montague Harriers (Part1) Blast from the Past Special

Think it is the appropriate time now for this blast from the past. Northern Irelands only non suppressed Montague Harrier. Found by Willy McDowell over 5 years ago at Belfast Harbour Estate, Willy took the unprecedented step and rang everyone he knew so that they could enjoy this spectacular Raptor. Everyone came from far and wide and shock horror no one trampled fences or trespassed so that they could enjoy a better view. The only thing was you had to run the Gauntlet from Willy! But it was worth it
Now fast forward 5 years (more like rewind 20 years) and 2 Montague Harriers have been seen in May 2011 in Northern Ireland. News leaked out via the NIBA Monthly report. Now ive no idea where they were seen or who seen them because the silence is deafening but im sure whoever seen them didn't invite any of his friends down to see them because that would be the height of stupidity.But i can't work out why the NIBA leaked news out 3 weeks later via a monthly report? Whats Flightline and their Blog for? Are members and people who pay to ring Flightline getting short changed. I think everyone can make their own mind up. I am sure no senior NIBA members were involved in this Suppression because if they were they would have to resign.
Anyway enjoy these photos the first of a 2 part Blast From the Past. Cheers Willy!