Saturday, 18 June 2011

More Merchandise

The Not Interesting Boring Oscillation has blown yet more membership money and splurged out on its new range of 'nobirds' merchandise.

Nobirds Comedy Banana (ONLY £10!!!)
We came up with this when we were researching our 'Nobirds Manly Banana' product and then it struck us - the Nobirds Comedy Banana!
You can be the main attraction at all those suppressed bird twitches - hours of entertainment can be had by pretending it's a funny comedy yellow moustache!! If you had two of them you could pretend that you had yellow comedy eyebrows!! It's one of our favourite products - one we hope you will enjoy too, it makes us laugh! Haha, comedy yellow eyebrows, a classic!

Nobirds English-Spanish Minidictionary 
(only £3, buy now and pay only £7 for membership!!)
More useful to you in Northern Ireland than the forever upcoming 'Nobirds Big Book of No Birds from Sometime in the Early 21st Century'

Nobirds Collector's Edition Eggbox (£10?!)

Need a place to keep eggs and suffering from low self-esteem? Then wow your friends, attract new ones and make the neighbours jealous with this stunning nobirds collector's edition eggbox. You really will be the talk of any birdwatching expedition when you pull this out of your pocket and tell everybody that you keep eggs in it!

Please note: the product shown above may differ from the product available. Available products may not be suitable for keeping eggs.

Credit cards not accepted, no cash please either, just send us one of those bits of paper that you can write on and we can give it to a bloke who'll call round to yer man's house and he can post it to the guy who can take it to the bank sometime and we can hand it over to that nice girl. Bish bash bosh another tenner.